The Educated Patient

Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition

Stress Management through Meditation

My psychologist recommended meditation. I met her through the AMDC clinic, shortly after surgery. It was difficult for me to adapt to the changed reality of my health and she thought it might help with my anxiety. I adopted the practice and like it so much I now use it regularly to manage stress levels. Yoga does the same thing with for me the extra benefit of keeping me flexible. Better stress management through meditation improves my overall resiliency while living with a chronic condition.

stress managment through meditation

Yoga Nidra

I practice Yoga Nidra meditation. It really doesn’t look or feel like meditation at all. I lie in bed before sleep and practice guided visualizations and breathing exercises. This practice allows me to relax and fall into a restful sleep without medication. It might not work for everyone but it works for me. I use a free app called Insight Timer. While I don’t meditate daily, when the stress builds, management through mediation works for me.

Sleep Routine

Usually, I am in bed by 9:00 PM and may read or meditate prior to falling asleep. I wake between 4 and 5 AM without an alarm and feel rested and energized. I don’t usually adjust for weekends or holidays. I really enjoy the quiet hours before my household wakes and use this time for reading or writing. My brain seems to work better in the morning and I can enter flow more easily. Daylight savings time throws my circadian rhythm off and it takes me longer than most people to adjust. I also find that jet lag throws a wrench into my sleep schedule. I use a paid app called sleep cycle to monitor my sleep quality although there are free apps as well. My average quality of sleep over the past 900 nights is 81%.

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