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How to optimize your sleep quality

How to optimize quality of sleep

Sleep Routine

Without enough sleep, I am a wreck. To optimize my sleep quality, I use an app called Sleep Cycle. Originally, I began by monitoring my snoring to rule out any potential for sleep apnea. This was a very real worry because the lipoma on my upper back was very large. We were worried that it might interfere with my breathing. I use the app differently now but have learned that my quality of sleep is incredibly important to my overall health. When my quality of sleep quality drops, my immune system gets run down. So, sufficient quality sleep is really important for my overall health.

Usually, I am in bed by 9:00 PM and may read or meditate prior to falling asleep. I wake between 4 and 5 AM without an alarm and I feel rested and energized. I don’t usually adjust for weekends or holidays. The quiet hours of the early morning are my favorite time to read and write. My brain seems to work better then and I can enter flow more easily. Daylight savings time throws my circadian rhythm off and it takes me longer than most people to adjust. I also find that jet lag throws a wrench into my sleep schedule and I seem to suffer more than most.

Sleep quality

There were periods of transient insomnia while I was transitioning into a low carb lifestyle. I’m also post menopause so that may have been part of it. For me, the most noticeable change in my sleep over the past three years was in the quality of sleep. I wake every morning feeling refreshed and energized. I never have to drag myself out of bed. I also use meditation to optimize my sleep quality. This lifestyle intervention has improved my quality of life on many, many levels. I think my sustained health maintenance is because I make sleep a priority.

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