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Exercise Program

On August 16th, 2017, I began working with a physiotherapist twice weekly for a half hour each visit. She did the initial assessment and progressed me through multiple exercises to restore functional strength and conditioning to my deeply de-conditioned body. She also reported back to my specialist on my progress. By December 2017, I had outgrown the facilities at the physiotherapy clinic and decided to transition to a full gym environment.

During my time with the physiotherapist, I connected with a professor in the Kinesiology (BPK) department at a local university. I was offered an opportunity to audit one of his courses on Advanced Exercise Prescription which I gladly signed up for. I also met Jack, a recent Kinesiology graduate who designed a personalized exercise program for me. You can find Jack’s program on the site’s resources page. I remain incredibly grateful to both for their support, encouragement and humor over the past two years. You can see a sample exercise template from Google Sheets below.

Here is an article written up by the local university about the exercise component of the intervention.

And here is a sample of the weekly exercise program I follow:

I now work out three times a week at the local gym. I spend on average 2.5 hours each session. I do a high intensity interval training after an initial 30 minute warm up and finish with a 25 minute cardio session. I track all my exercise information on google sheets, which Jack then reviews online and then resets for the next week. Using this template, I have tracked all data for over two years and gave this data to my specialist to include in the poster presentation at the UMDF in June 2019.

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The exercise portion of my interventions was written up by the local university and highlights the exceptional support I received from Dr. Clarke and Jack Zhao.