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What Foods can I eat on Keto?

You might be asking yourself, what foods can I eat on Keto? Food choices on Keto are much less restrictive than you might think. As Keto has gained in popularity, so too have websites devoted to recipes. The Diet Doctor website provides an excellent visual reference for the Keto and low carb diet recipes here. There’s also lots of recipes at headbangers kitchen here and at Keto Connect here. My favourite site for low carb desserts is here. You can search many recipes on pinterest or youtube. If you look for Keto / low carb/ paleo / atkins and some gluten free recipes you should do well.

The photos below were all meals that I prepared or purchased for myself. Most centre on a healthy protein and then some vegetables. Cooking keto can be as simple or as complicated as your tastes demand. I do quite a bit of meal prep most weeks. I’ll cook up a large batch of low carb food on the weekend and take it to work during the week. Makes my life much simpler. A big roast on Sunday can last two of us through the week. All we need to do is add the vegetables.

Tips on eating Keto socially

Eating Keto with other people can sometimes be a bit challenging. The food you eat on Keto is up to you. As long as it fits within your macros, you’re fine. You have no obligation to explain your food choices to anyone. Just try to avoid discussion about your food choices. You can just say something like “I ate already” or “I’m watching my carbs” or my favorite; I simply nod and thank you if someone comments on my food choices and then I walk away if they persist. This can be more challenging if you are the only one in your family doing this. Just do your own thing and don’t engage. Resist the temptation to let everyone else know how well the diet works for you. Lead by example.

Fast food can still happen on Keto. Double up the meat and toss the ketchup and the bun. Most places now offer a “lettuce wrapped option” for their burgers. Casual dining that offers salad and meat is a good option as well. You can choose as you like at the salad bar. Balsamic dressings are your friend. Even fine dining will often have meat, fish or chicken and you can ask to double the vegetable and forget the potato. I like to ask for additional butter on the side.

Drinking on Keto

Alcohol can be part of your Keto diet but best to restrict it to hard liquor or wine in moderation. Be warned that your tolerance for alcohol while on a Keto diet is about 30% of what it may have been pre-Keto. It’s probably not a good health choice to take all your carbs for the day in the form of beer. The foods you can eat on Keto are entirely up to you. The goal is to make sure it fits within your macros.

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