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Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition

My Weight Loss Journey

My healthy weight loss chart represents my weight loss from December 2016 to current. I didn’t really weigh myself much before the surgery and didn’t even own a scale. I relied on my doctor visits to keep track initially. After surgery in October of 2016, I was putting on weight fast, mostly because I had no energy to move. I suspect I was actually closer to 200 pounds by the time I began my interventions. Since then, I track my weight carefully and have bought a scale.

I never had a specific weight loss goal in mind when started my program. While I knew that I had to do something, I had never dieted before. I started by figuring out my macro nutrient requirements and I used this free app to do it. Here’s the Macro Nutrient Calculator I used throughout my journey. Shout out to Ankerl for developing it!