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Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition

Before and After Head Shots

Four pictures taken over the almost four year journey in my health recovery. I am not brave enough to show the full body images.

  • July 2016 was 3 months pre-surgery when my lipomas were growing rapidly and interfering with my ability to sleep and swallow. I think I weighed about 180 pounds here, mostly carried in my upper back, shoulders and neck.
  • May 2017 was about 7 months post surgery and about two weeks after I decided to begin my lifestyle interventions.
  • May 2018 was about 19 months post surgery. I weighed about 130 pounds, and a year into my interventions.
  • July 2018 is about 26 months post surgery. I just got back from the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Conference in Washington and I am 140 pounds and HAPPY!

You can view the change in my lipomas over time on the poster presentation in the For Professionals section of the site.

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