The Educated Patient

Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition

Finding a Low carb Doctor

One of the biggest challenges in adopting a low carb lifestyle will be finding a low carb doctor. It’s very possible your doctor may not actually understand what you are doing. If they are at least open to the discussion, maybe you can educate them to low carb. Maybe you can show them the science behind your decision. If they aren’t open to the discussion, it might be time to find another doctor, It’s your health at stake. Fortunately, the Swedish website Diet Doctor has created an international directory of low carb friendly healthcare professionals to assist.

Finding a low car Doctor

You should not have to sacrifice your health because of a physician’s inability or unwillingness to learn. Not all healthcare professionals support the low carbohydrate approach to healthcare management. This is true, even though the science is increasingly shifting in that direction. Many of the physicians and dietitians in practice today were educated on the standard american diet model of nutrition. Most doctors received about 20 hours of medical training on nutrition on average. Many physicians and dietitians are risk averse and don’t want to risk going against the standard of care models. Not even when, through clinical practice, they know the standard of care doesn’t work for patients. Regulatory retaliation and insurance liability are real concerns for healthcare professionals. These concerns may be real for clinicians, but have nothing to do with the patient. Finding a low carb doctor shouldn’t be so hard.

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