The Educated Patient

Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition

Money Changes Everything

Bias and Politics in Science

Money changes everything: bias and politics in science has always been there, it’s just bigger now. The assumption of a trusting relationship between patient and physician just can’t pass the reality test any longer. Maybe the democratization of knowledge that comes with the internet contributes to the current crisis of confidence. There is too much money that gets between a patient and doctor. There are too many interest groups that have a vested interest in exploiting the relationship and physicians that are receptive to this influence are causing health problems for patients.

As a patient, you must learn to think for yourself, do your own research and ask lots and lots of questions. Ask questions even at the risk of offending your health care team. Your health is more important than hurt feelings. Every health care provider will speak about providing quality healthcare and some will even take oaths to do you no harm. Even so, you must ask yourself what interests does this physician have that might conflict with mine? You might be surprised. Money changes everything; bias and politics in science will impact your health.

When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken or cease being honest.


What makes it so hard for physicians, scientists and researchers to do the right thing by their patients? Don’t they take an oath to do no harm? What are some of the financial and institutional barriers that prevent them from fulfilling this oath? Why do so many patients distrust the advice of their healthcare team and seek out alternative therapies? Why have pharmaceutical companies and big medicine lost so much credibility with the public? The answers might surprise you. Money changes everything.

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