The Educated Patient

Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition


Lift off and website launch!

The lift off and launch of this website has been a remarkable adventure for me. Four months ago, I knew nothing about web development. Although there was a vague awareness that people did this for a living and that coding was somehow involved, I really knew nothing. Research I could do, and how to email and use a word processor, but that was about it. At 56, I was resigned […]

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A Dimly Lit Path

Starting Out I wish I could say I knew what I was doing when I started out on this dimly lit path. That I had a clear destination in mind, a star on the map. I didn’t then and I still don’t now. I am however, more persuaded than ever that I am moving in the right direction. The truth is that uncertainty has become my constant if somewhat uncomfortable […]

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