The Educated Patient

Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition


Article Published

The article is published at last. My specialist at the AMDC deserves much of the credit. He is experienced with publication and I am not. He expertly navigated the choppy waters of the publication process to bring the article safely to shore. It was published in the Mitochondrion Journal, an international peer reviewed journal of the Mitochondrial Medicine Society. I realize it is a tremendous honor to have the work […]

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An improved communication model

I just returned from the MitNET 2019 Conference in Toronto. What an amazing event! My research on an improved communication model is picking up speed! It feels like the last three years of hard work are finally starting to pay off. I met a lot of Canadian researchers and patients working to advance the research in mitochondrial disease. There were also some researchers that came in from the UK and […]

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Change direction with a Chronic Condition

I have a very rare genetic condition that is not well understood. There is no cure and no therapy. It can present at any age, with varying degrees of severity and in many different ways. My first child died from this disease, and everyone in my very large extended family carry this same genetic defect. Given this grim health prognosis, why would I not want to change direction with a […]

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