The Educated Patient

Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition


I am a Patient Activist

I am a patient activist with a chronic health condition. There are many types of patients out there but this is the label that seems to fit me most comfortably. I listen to everything my medical team says. I also ask questions. Questions that sometimes make people uncomfortable. I do my own research and after critical analysis, I make up my own mind. For healthcare professionals, it’s a job or […]

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Ask your Doctor if ….. is right for you….

Most physicians are trained to look for a pharmaceutical solution to a health care problem. It makes sense. Someone else has tested the drug to make sure it’s safe. It’s passed all the government tests to make sure it works. Best of all, it’s easy to write a prescription and improves time management for a doctor in a busy practice. It’s quicker to write a prescription than to really listen […]

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