I am travelling to Denver Colorado from March 12-15th to present at the Low Carb Denver 2020 Conference. What could be sweeter than finding community? I have been working in the scientific community for much of the past two years as we prepared the poster and the article for publication.Continue Reading

I recently completed an extended water fast and I live with a chronic disease. This is not a new thing for me as I intermittent fast everyday. Usually, I eat One Meal a Day (OMAD) and have followed this protocol for over a year with excellent results. Anyone who fastsContinue Reading

The end of the year is a time of reflection for me. Moving forward into 2020, I am struck by how far I have traveled in my health recovery. According to my personal trainer, I am now an athlete at 56, and can dead lift and back squat my bodyContinue Reading

Stunning news. I am travelling next month to the MitoNet 2019 Conference in Toronto, ON, Canada. They contacted me to tell me the UMDF Poster presented in Washington DC In June has been accepted. It’s unusual to present a poster twice but I am bringing a very different research focusContinue Reading

If you want your healthcare experience to matter, you need to understand that healthcare speaks the language of science. It’s called evidence based medicine but researchers decide what is evidence based, not patients. Where science and religion meet is that both use dogma to support their authority. A single caseContinue Reading

The days are getting shorter now, and the nights come sooner. I often see the end of summer as as an opportunity for deeper reflection. The crisp leaves of autumn are a welcome change from the sweltering heat of a summer past its prime. The change of season reminds meContinue Reading