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Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition

Brave New COVID-19 World

So here we are in a Brave New COVID-19 World. What a shock. I was at the Low Carb Denver Conference when the announcement came. Barely slipped back into Canada under the travel restrictions. Immediately, I entered into a self imposed quarantine for two weeks. The adaptation to working from home was relatively painless for me. I never got sick. At all.

Good thing I don’t need medical attention right now because the team is really busy. Lots of studies coming out that show a high association between COVID -19 fatalities and metabolic health. Things like age, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and poor glucose control.

If you are someone with a chronic condition, you can do things to minimize the impact of COVID-19. You can manage your own health such that you become a hard target for the disease. Maybe less of a burden on the health care system. Any movement towards improving your metabolic health can help you avoid the potential devastation of the disease.

What can I do?

Reducing the ultra processed foods in your diet is a safe step for anyone. Restricting you nutrient intake to a fixed period of time in the day is a low risk strategy to get better control over blood sugar levels. Fresh air and sunshine can help as does exercise.

It’s a good think you don’t need to rely on specialists right now to take a step towards improving your metabolic health. You can take things in hand yourself. Get educated. Find out what you can do. Of course, you should follow the guidelines from the public health authority. You can also do more.

Thriving in a Brave New Covid-19 World does not require a high level of commitment or discipline. Simply moving in the direction of eating real food, reducing junk food, sleeping better and playing outside will benefit your health. You don’t need a doctor or pills to do this for you. It’s what your mother has been telling you for years. Stay safe.

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