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Taking a Risk with a Chronic Condition

Article Published

The article is published at last. My specialist at the AMDC deserves much of the credit. He is experienced with publication and I am not. He expertly navigated the choppy waters of the publication process to bring the article safely to shore.

It was published in the Mitochondrion Journal, an international peer reviewed journal of the Mitochondrial Medicine Society. I realize it is a tremendous honor to have the work recognized. Publication may increase interest in the scientific community. It may lead to more research collaborations. It may even result in some changes to the current Consensus Statement from the MMS. If I were a scientist, I should be feeling quite proud of myself right now. Mission accomplished.

As a patient, however, scientific publication is not my definition of success. I am more interested in self managing my own health by increasing my patient autonomy. I will continue to do so going forward. While interesting, scientific publication is not immediately relevant to the many patients who struggle with chronic illness. We need something that works right out of the box. Many of us don’t have the time to wait for science to catch up, nor should we. As a patient, my mission is not accomplished yet.

How can my real world experience be translated for the benefit of other patients living with chronic disease? That’s the question I want to answer when the next article is published. Stay tuned.

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