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Low Carb Denver 2020

I am travelling to Denver Colorado from March 12-15th to present at the Low Carb Denver 2020 Conference. What could be sweeter than finding community?

I have been working in the scientific community for much of the past two years as we prepared the poster and the article for publication. This has been a great learning experience for me and I am grateful for the education. My heart is with the patients though, so it’s good to be coming home.

Over 600 scientists, physicians, dietitians, journalists and fellow bio hackers are gathering. They will meet from sun up to sundown for three days in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This Conference is part of a series of International Low Carb conferences. All the food offerings are low carb! If you’ve ever been to a standard conference, you’ll know how radical this news is! Progress!

Even better, my registration fees are waived as a poster presenter. This is good news because I pay my own way. I want to connect the science to the people through better communication strategies. I look forward to sharing ideas and findings with people open to the discussion. Of course, When I return from the Low Carb Denver 2020 Conference, I will share more with you!

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