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Lift off and website launch!

The lift off and launch of this website has been a remarkable adventure for me. Four months ago, I knew nothing about web development. Although there was a vague awareness that people did this for a living and that coding was somehow involved, I really knew nothing. Research I could do, and how to email and use a word processor, but that was about it. At 56, I was resigned to the fact that my millennial son would always find my lack of technical skill amusing.

Four months and some four hundred hours later, I now feel like I know just a little more than nothing. My SEO Slave master bullied me into optimizing my writing style for the benefit of the web. The sting of a negative Google Analytics report has both humbled and exhausted me. I used to think I was a pretty good writer. I was wrong. The Flesch Reading analysis had me curled up and whimpering in a corner. Apparently, I use too many words in sentences, and should use the active voice more than the passive voice. My paragraphs are too long (or too short) and I start too many sentences with the same word. I had no idea that creating a website was such hard work.

321 lift off and website launch

I worked hard, and now I feel confident enough to let the website go. It’s time. To be honest I have some very mixed feelings about it, mostly on the terrified side of things. It feels very vulnerable to talk about my healthcare experience in such an open way. People can judge me now and comment on my efforts both good and bad. I’m more introvert than extrovert and I’m not sure how thick my skin is, but I’m sure I’ll find out. Whatever the outcome, I feel confident that I have done absolutely everything within my power to share the learning of my healthcare experience. After the lift off and website launch, I have no control over how the message is received. It’s give it up to god time and I’m OK with that.

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